"These are a few of my favorite things"

Cupcake, n.: a smile with frosting on it

I have this “definition” of a cupcake hanging on a my collage wall in my room. Ever since I purchased “Hello, Cupcake” about two years ago, I’ve become cupcake obsessed. Even my college essay for the Common App was written using cupcakes as a metaphor for my journey as an up-and-coming teacher. “Hello, Cupcake” was most of the inspiration behind it. The book is filled with awesome cupcake decorating ideas. (if you are a cupcaker this is one you need to check out!) The designs are fairly simple and most come out looking very professional. And when they don’t, they end up looking sort of silly like my coy fish below. These designs come from “Hello, Cupcake’s sequal “What’s New Cupcake.” I got to spend yesterday evening catching up with a high school friend from my art classes and work on replicating these amazing cupcake designs. (My favorite are the roses to the left) Cupcakes never fail to put a smile on my face!
These coy did not quite impress me like the ones in the book, but were worth a try.
My friend created these flowers to the left. I made ones similar back in January for a college friend’s birthday! This has to be one of the best designs in the book!
Finally, we attempted to make the ones that looked like pies, they sort of turned out more like the coy, but you know what they say; nothing ventured nothing gained!
Today, I also had a fantastic encounter with A.C. Moore, but my encounters with craft stores are hardly ever less then fantastic. Today, I spent time scouring the shelves of stickers, it seemed that around every corner there were rows of them just tempting me to draw near.
Stickers are just one of those craft items I just can not get enough of! Who can? From childhood we are exposed to these sticky wonders and there are just so many different kinds. The trouble for me has always finding the perfect place to put them. You only get one shot to give them the best home. Personally, my biggest trouble was parting with them, so, often I just keep them on their glossy page, waiting for just the right moment to peel them off and place them in their new surroundings. The stickers I bought today will have just the right home, placed all over the pages of my journal, accenting the pictures, words and memories there.
Hope you, like a sticker, can accent your world today!

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