Friends and Newtown, PA

Hey all! I have not been around these parts for a while, instead many of these past ten days have been spent college friends and family. Last week was spent with my girls in and around the quaint, historic town of Newtown, PA. The girls and I stayed at our friend, Danielle’s house, and she acted as tour guide and party planner for our stay.

We spent the first morning together at Rice’s
Flea Market. The market had great
deals and a large selection of items. Three of us decided to adopt a few cactuses for our dorm rooms next year. (Visit the Rice’s website at :
/Contents/home.aspx )
In the afternoon, we had a picnic and took a walk through Tyler State Park. Then, in the evening we walked around Newtown with Danielle as our guide. Below is a picture of the oldest theatre in the U.S. that continues to show movies and plays!
It was a nice time spent together and we all agreed that even the simplest things, such as exploring a small town, are made into exciting adventures when accompanied by your friends!

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