Craft Fair Countdown..5 days!

It is just five days away from my first craft fair. I have been painting, painting, painting whenever I get a free moment and now it is time for it all to begin to come together. I can not wait to set up my “Christmas in July” themed booth which will feature both my summer scapes and my snowy winter scenes.
Today, at a 4th of July BBQ I located a family friends’ tent that they are allowing
me to use..check!
I also started to create a board of all of my prices, the general outline is done and I will just add some design elements tomorrow. See it below:
And check out my stockpile of goods:
Tomorrows tasks include finishing up some more painting, searching through the attic for more Christmas/summer decor to go with my “Christmas in July” theme, as well as creating some signs and decorations of the booth. Check me out in these next few days to track my progress with me! Hope you enjoy!

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