…4 days in Counting

Today was a busy day of getting ready for BeachFest, the craft fair I will be a part of on Saturday, down in Long Beach Island, NJ, one of my favorite places on earth. It could not get any better; crafting and the beach equals tons of excitement for me.
Check out the details of the craft fair here: http://www.necraftshows.com/NJJul2011/BeachHavenNJJul2
So, here is a checklist of what I was able to accomplish today:
  • Took down and chose Christmas decor from the attic
  • Painted my prices sign
  • Bought more ribbon and mesh bags for the mint
  • Painted 4 spoons
  • Painted 4 glasses
  • Painted 6 shovels
  • Put ribbon on the shovels and some spoons
See some pictures here:
I was a little tense toward the end of the night after about 5/6 hours of crafting but it is right up my alley in terms of how I like to dedicate me time! I am filled with some stress, nervousness, excitement and joy tonight. Check back here tomorrow for another update!

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