…1 day in Counting!!!

Only one more day, well actually, only a few short hours until the craft fair tomorrow.

I have not done much today because we spent the day down here in Long Beach Island. What a paradise! This morning my sister, mom and I packed up the car and found some last minute items around the house before heading out at 10am. We made a few stops, including one to Dunkin Donuts, my favorite pre-shore stop and I grabbed breakfast and a caramel iced coffee, made perfectly to my liking…lots and lots of sugar!!
We made it to the Island around 1pm and stopped at Sweet Jenny’s in Ship Bottom before digging our toes in the sand. Rachel and I spent the day in the water, bobbing on the waves that were fairly large for the Jersey Shore. I painted two shells on the beach, but sand got stuck in the paint, so I’m not too sure of the quality, but they “have character” as described by my boyfriend.
Somehow our little patch of paradise was untouched by the storms in the area. The weather channel predicted 70% chance of rain, storms, and hail but mom saw that the radar showed LBI, Atlantic City and Cape May the only areas untouched by rain. God truly blessed our day!
Soon Tyler will be joining us (he is traveling as I write this) and we will be heading out to Chicken or the Egg, my favorite LBI restaurant because it was the first place we ever went on the island, for dinner and, if the rain holds out, a night on the town.
Praying for the morning that all goes well with set-up, location and sales. But off to enjoy a lovely evening in one of my favorite places on Earth with some of my favorite people. I am truly blessed today!

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