…2 days in Counting!

There are 2 days in counting technically, until my first ever craft fair! However, it has become more like one day because my mother, sister and I decided to head down to LBI in the morning to spend an extra day at the beach. Yay!!!

So, what did that mean for me…CRAM!
Although I did not do much today it was a cram session of making sure everything was together; making print outs, psuedo business cards, a music playlist, my booth sign (which was the big project today) and then packing stuff together. I had intended to paint personalized sand pails but never got the chance so they served as excellent carrying cases
and will be great decor for the booth.
In the morning I have to pack up, make sure I have all the last minute supplies and decor (boogie boards, table, tent) and then run through the checklist in my journal, as well as pack beach supplies (and clothes too!) for our little trip. The rest of the day tomorrow will be spent with my toes dug in the sand relaxing before the busy day Saturday, maybe I’ll even paint a shell or two on the beach.

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