What a great day! Some days my job can be much less then exciting as I watch the clock while the children play, but other times the joy of children captures my heart as I get to enjoy childhood again with them! Today was one of those days! I got to watch a little two year old boy giggle as I pushed him high on the swing and play with an awesome Cars toy that changes color in hot or cold water with a first grader. I also made a telescope out of an empty Pringles’ can. Although it is more of a craft parents would have to do most of, I felt really creative stitching together the gold pipe cleaner to hold the plastic lid to the hole I had cut from the bottom of the can. Although the boy was not all that interested in helping decorate, I think he did enjoy the final product and learned to draw stars in the process.

I have been running a Girl’s Lacrosse Clinic the past three summers for middle school girls and today’s session was probably one of my favorites ever. We had water day to beat the heat and I thoroughly enjoyed watching my lesson plan of fun water activities mixed with lacrosse run smoothly. I loved watching the faces of my girls as they giggled carrying cups of water back to their relay line throwing the water at their teammates as well as laughing hard at the end of the practice throwing water balloons and squirting water guns. I also felt great success watching as they completed the Star Drill and worked hard learning lacrosse cuts. I was just rewarded by each girl today who seem to be opening up to me more and more. I felt the connection with each of them and we enjoyed and practiced together. I was blessed to hear one little girl say she had been looking forward to the clinic all week and have one mother tell me her daughter wanted to come back from vacation to attend the session she would miss.
Overall, I am so blessed by the influence God allowed me to have on the lives of a bunch of children and middle schoolers today! I loved knowing that my energy has an impact on their lives. I’m so excited that I am going to have this opportunity many more times in my future both as a teacher and a mother! I am blessed and joyful today!

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