She Sold Seashells by the Seashore

So as promised I want to update you all on how my first craft fair went.
BeachFest July 9, 2011
That Saturday morning mom arrived at the green lawn on Engleside in Beach Haven, LBI to get in line for my booth spot. Tyler and I arrived shortly after and began the set up of the booth which lasted a little past 9am when the fair began. I sold my wares (and seashells too!!) until 4pm.
Take a look:

So there you have it!
Thankfully I did break even for the booth and made a little extra (which I blew on candy that afternoon, hehe). But, it was a dream come true and everyone told me it would be a learning experience and it definitely was just that.
Things I learned:
-Know your audience, I would definitely do best selling my Christmas items in Oct-Dec.
-Get to fairs early, you get the better spots.
-Craft Fairs down the shore don’t do as well when the weather is sunny and hot (people are all on the beach!!), my booth was pretty dead from 12-2
-Customization should be a free perk!
-Give shoppers room to browse don’t scare them off by over talking
The woman at the booth next to mine was an experienced craft vendor and I was thankful for her advice throughout the day!
I had two memorable moments throughout the day. First, was the mother who bought the sign to my booth. Her son was having a Christmas in July birthday party and bought my sign as decor!!
My other most cherished moments of the day was the walk I took with Tyler after the fair. The shells I had painted on the beach Friday had gotten sand in-bedded in the paint and were thus not really suitable to sell. So, Tyler and I brought them along planning to drop them in the sand for some lucky beachcomber to find. As we were walking down along the foam, I noticed a young girl scurrying along the sand picking up seashells as her family walked along beside her. I quickly plopped my clam shell down in the sand upside down and headed up the beach with Tyler to watch. To my delight the girl spotted the shell and darted towards it to save it from the impending wave. I was overjoyed by the look of sheer astonishment on her face as she flipped it over to inspect the underside. Tyler and I watched as the family gathered round laughing at her find. Tyler and I soon began walking on and I couldn’t stifle my excitement as I stole glances over my shoulder several times to watch the family disappear into the distance. It was so amazing to get to be a part of setting up one of life’s little surprises and I can not wait to do it again when I return to LBI for vacation in a a little over a week. I wonder where that girl has her shell now, is it in her room, a little reminder of her vacation surprise?

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