Turn Left: Day 1 and 2ish in the books

I made it! I turned left!
I rolled up the this yesterday!

It’s been a whirlwind of a 30 hours or so. Yesterday was pretty chill just moving in and a little bit of orientation.  I met lots of people and even went on a Target run.

 Today was my first day of work and I really like serving in the dining hall. I found out I actually had to carry trays on my shoulder. Its going to be an interesting summer for a klutzy gal like me. I think I’ll do a spill/drop/major mistake count, one of my fellow and servers and I may make a game of it.

Today’s Spill Count: 1 and a half. 

I stacked some plates too high before emptying them and they toppled. But no damaged just loud. Of course the HCBC board was there. Yep.

Despite the mishaps I like the buzz of the kitchen, the hard work of it. It’s fun working with the other servers, as well as the dish and kitchen guys!
Looking forward to serving more this summer.
And this view from our backyard doesn’t hurt!

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