Week 1 and Done

Blogging around this place is tricky because internet connection is spotty, but excuses aside I am currently blogging from a secret location I discovered while trying to watch Bachelorette online Sunday night. So here I sit on the stage over looking the entire dining hall bringing you some updates.

After those first few days things got busy and we got 150 adult singles for the weekend and then brought in 250 homeschoolers  this past weekend. Lets just say I worked some 9-11 hour days and lost track of my spill count though I did drop a roll on some lady’s back. We also got some new servers, one of which is my “twinny” because even apart from our uniforms we continuously dress alike unintentionally (i.e. matching headbands, shirts, etc).

While work is great, I’ve also been doing some pretty fun stuff too.
Take a look:

Before and after our dance in the rain!
Grabbing ice cream at the cutest ice cream parlor the Big Dipper in Surf City.
Beach, surf and bike 
Can’t go wrong with a little Chegg action even when trying the spiciest sauce (Ludicrous!)
And as always a sunset (add in a bike ride and its the perfect beach evening!)

 Now I’m off to start my second lunch shift of middle school week. What a whirlwind and I got a nice juice, French toast, milk and whatever else mixture to clear at breakfast. Eat up!

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