She Sells Sea Shells

Today brought the smiles of dreams realized. 

First, I received the email for my student teaching placement in the fall, I will be with kindergarteners (oodles of cute!) Though I’m nervous about the young age I know it’s the place God has hand chosen for me, and that knowledge gives peace. I may indeed be a teacher someday. Dream 1!
Second, yesterday while painting I made a whole bunch of middle school  friends who admired and desired to buy my sea shells which set the ball rolling to make them available for purchase, an item on my summer bucket list (that I felt was most unattainable) So after talking to some of the right people I will be selling my sea shells in the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference book store!!!!!!!! Mega dream (#2!!!!!) 
And finally I ran the longest I’ve ever run in my whole life, 4 whole entire miles, coming from the girl with anxiety before 1 mile runs in lacrosse and field hockey. I am a new creation because of my Savior! Dream 3!
A summer by the seashore. Dream #4! 
She sells sea shells….

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