When tears are a good thing

When you drive two hours into the unknown. When you can’t quite jiggle the locked door free of your new dorm.  When you begin unpacking your stuff into an unfamiliar closet and a few crates in a common lounge because they don’t fit in your room. When you can’t sleep because your feet don’t quite fit on the bed.  When you panic just a bit because the first few days of work are filled with long 9-10 hour shifts.  When faces are strange. When you are unsure of when you will make any connection. When your heart flutters a bit with the twinges of anxiety at the start of something new.

When you are asked to run down to the beach in the pouring rain.  When you bound the steps of the dorm and are greeted by your sisters. When you pull out a variety of outfit choices out of you closet and have endless free fashion advice. When your bunk mate assures you that you can let your long legs run over onto her bed at night. When you dance to the beat while cleaning up from your shifts in a psuedo flash mob giggling with the other servers. When you are welcomed to try out all three food service positions, server, kithen and dish (all but baker!). When you write encouraging messages to the dish room in the cake residue on the pan because you know you are a team. When you hang out in the pantry on your day off because that is where your friends are. When you bike to the beach at sunset to play ultimate or soccer with the whole gang. When you float for long hours in the deep ocean or when you skim across the foamy surf. When you take adventures to the lighthouse and body board at sunrise and build a sandcastle.  When you have deep conversations with friends that fill up your love tank. When you chat with your top bunk mate during gloomy weather and drift off to sleep for an afternoon catnap.  When you tow a guy friend on his longboard back from the beach on your bike. When your friends spend a late per to go out for your last night to spin around and stare at the stars.

 When you have celebrated the joy and grace filled moments of the last two-months. When you are bombarded with hugs and words of affirmation spoken like whispers to your heart. When you realize that this goodbye carries with it the transformation of uncertainty into the beautiful gift of a new family. When your eyes swell with all of the happiness, love, joy, friendship and blessings of a summer that rests heavy upon your insides as you drive away.

When tears are a good thing.

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