What’s in your beach bag?

I came across this link from one of my favorite LBI bloggers and tweeters and thought it’d be neat to take a peak inside my beach tote while I sit here soaking up some August rays:

-a hairbrush
-half full (optimist) water bottle
-a green shovel with a wooden stem
-white bathing suit cover up with braided straps (I’ve had this for years and can’t seem to find a much better replacement despite a few small holes and a stain)
-two containers of bubbles
-my neon green billabong hat (which I’m actually wearing so does it count? It’s typically in the bag)
-a bag if microwave popcorn ( not sure how that fits unless the sun gets hot enough to pop it without the microwave)
-two sticks of banana boat lip balm with SPF  
-my green nalgene (does it show that green is my favorite color?)
-a teensy tiny empty tube of sunscreen 
– a mason jar filled with seashells and sand dollars
-a miny tube of L’Oreal kids SPF 40 sunscreen (for my nose!)
-Christy Miller series book (corny beach read!)
That about sums up my beach bag! What’s in yours?

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