"You will be our new sister"

Around 11 o clock this morning the Messiah van pulled onto Zook lane to drop off myself and another Messiah student to our Amish families. The van turned and my stomach twisted with nerves.  But very shortly I was put at ease; I noticed my favorite plants (succulents) about the house, seashells and a large bowl of popcorn. I would be alright!

I shared dinner (Amish lunch!) with the family members at home internally forgetful of the after meal prayer. I helped wih dishes and set out to hoeing and picking off “potatoe bugs” from the potato plants, squashing the eggs that had made the leaves their home. I toured the farm with the youngest daughter who was eager to let me trail behind her all day showinf me the ropes of their life (around the barn and sheds). We wheeled potatoes in our wagon and I set out to help to mash them and prepare a salad. When the entire family was home we settled in for supper and I almost forgot the silent prayer again at the end, thankful for the family’s reminders. 
After some more dish washing, I was mystified as the youngest daughter and I climbed through hay bails in the second floor of the barn. Barefooted (as I was all day!) I jumped over the dried stalks in my long skirts, and as we peered out the barn door over the gardens and the misty earth from the passing thunderstorm andi had a brief moment of wonder. I couldn’t believe I was there taking to a kind Amish girl just a few inches from myself like I would with Rachel (my younger sister). Surreal!
This evening, we cooked popcorn over the stove and I enjoyed learning that often their Sunday dinner consists of popcorn like at my own house. Although I’m intrigued by the different ways of doing the daily routines, (it’s baffling that just a few hours away my family is living their own usual day!) it’s still people. People who I laughed with, chatted with, and connected with, going about their life as I would go about mine.
I am so blessed to be here for a week aloud to be a part of the family, and that is how they see me! I am so thankful for the welcoming words of the youngest daughter upon my arrival, “Your our new sister for the week!” 

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