Top 7 for Summer 2017 (Part 2-Roadtrips) 

Towards the beginning of the summer, Cody and I took almost back-to-back road trips down the PA Turnpike West.  The first stop was an anniversary trip to my dad’s roots: Pittsburgh,PA.  While there, we went to a Pirate’s baseball game (complete with a cotton candy beard, see below), toured the zoo, shopped in the Strip District and took a boat tour of the rivers.  Three of my favorite moments of the short trip were exploring the Fort Pitt Block House and learning about the woman who used to sell candy from the window of the tiny building (my kind of lady!), riding the Incline and walking the beautiful stretch of sidewalk along the ridge of Mount Washington complete with a gorgeous view of the skyline, and simply enjoying moments by the pool with my husband.







The second road trip just a few short days later brought us through Pittsburgh again, but this time, after scooping up my dad, we continued on to the small town of Cedarville, Ohio for the wedding of a long time family friend.  The weekend in Ohio also boasts itself as one of my favorite of the summer.  We stayed at a quaint, country inn in the center of down-town Cedarville.  Down-town Cedarville consists of a few shops and a couple of intersecting roads and the atmosphere instantly put me at ease. We rode bicycles (Cody and I riding tandem) the morning before the wedding, got coffee at a local shop, played chess in the window-sill bench of the inn and played mini-golf at a place called “Udders and Putters” at Young’s Dairy Farm (which we visited three times in our short 48-hour would think it was the only thing to do in the small town.)  During the wedding, I laughed and laughed as I square danced hand-in-hand with Cody, my parents and our family friends.  What was truly delightful was reconnecting so closely with childhood friends, getting to share it as young adults, discussing marriage and jobs and dreams, all the while watching them come to appreciate Cody so much! It was a truly wonderful weekend!

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